25% increase in students studying abroad

Competitive exams and pressure resulting in more students looking to study overseas.

Year 2015-16 saw 25%  increase in the number of students from India who joined universities in USA, totaling to 1,65,918 students. One out of every six international students in the USA is from India.

Majority of these students are pursuing STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) fields at the graduate level.

One of the major reasons to be attributed to this phenomenon is the growing pressure back in India with regards to education. With a limited number of top institutions to study and immense competition for these few seats, students are under tremendous stress to make it big. And here lies the problem, not everyone will be able to do so.

Many families and students are now opting for a less stress full scenario of studying abroad. Here the focus is on the student and his/ her accomplishments. Not on competition or entrance examinations. Students who secure even 95 per cent marks in senior secondary do not get a seat in a college of their choice. There is redundant burden on students to get through entrance exams of engineering and medical colleges even after securing good percentage in senior secondary.

Getting an admission in a University abroad is not a piece of cake and requires lot of effort, still there is plethora of options available for students to choose from. With choice of country, course, budget and government regulations, students and parents are able to pick what suits them best.

A degree from a private college or university in India pales in comparison to an international degree acquired abroad. Same course pursued from an Indian college vs an International college has different value in the job market. So why would one study here in India under this scenario?

Foreign Universities are research oriented and have very well built campuses, providing good infrastructure for the student to pursue their studies. Global universities have flexible education with student able to choose varied major and minor subjects, hence studying to his/her wish and not a fixed curriculum.

Overseas education is also a big testament about the student’s courage, boldness, social skills, personality and communication. After staying in a multi cultural environment students are polished and groomed well. They may better adapt to the corporate life. Hence are favoured by HR people of the company.

Last but not the least, the opportunity to travel the world and experience diverse cultures without the burden of a job and expectations is a not to be missed chance for youngsters.

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