IELTS Speaking Exam Tips

Tips and Tricks to follow for IELTS Speaking Exam

  • Don’t provide very short answers like “Yes I do or No I don’t” as this will not give the examiner a chance to assess your language and can make you lose marks.
  • Speak as fluent as you can and use strong vocabulary.
  • The 6 factors on which your speaking will be judged are:
  • Pitch
  • Pronunciation
  • Content
  • Fluency
  • Body Language
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • SVA- Subject, Verb & Agreement e.g. Wrong Usage “Everyone should earn their living”.
  • Using the right Tense e.g. Wrong Usage “I am having a business in…..” “The baby was crying before it was given some milk”.
  • Use and Misuse of articles- a, an, the/ —“ We live in a society
  • Knowledge of a topic is not very important the thought behind should show in your answer and give a depth understanding of the subject or topic.
  • Don’t be shy have a fun conversation with the examiner and speak your thoughts confidently.
  • Learn to express yourself using your own language
  • You can only ask your examiner to repeat questions only in Part 1.
  • You cannot ask your examiner to explain the questions and the words of the given topic in Part 2 of your test.
  • The examiner will tell you when to start talking and when to stop
  • In Part 3 you can ask your examiner to rephrase a question or explain the meaning of a specific word if you don’t understand.
  • Your answers should be short, crisp and to the point but not too short that it does not give a chance to the examiner to assess or examine your language.
  • Keep a steady pace while speaking and speak your answers in a logical order so that the examiner can understand.
  • IELTS Speaking is an informal test so you can use informal language and contractions.
  • Expressing the right way-
    • Least Words
    • Best Expression
    • Idioms and Phrases

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