Canada ranked the 4th most-accepting country in the world for Immigrants


Recently a study on immigrant’s acceptance was conducted by Gallup’s Migrant Acceptance Index, from around 140 countries in which Iceland was ranked No. 1 followed by New Zealand and Rwanda and Canada taking the fourth place. The survey conducted scored the countries out of 9 giving Canada a score of 8.14.

It asked three questions from 2000 Canadians aged between 15 and older dated on August 10 and November 27 2018, these questions were ‘’whether immigrants living in their country, becoming their neighbors and marrying into their homes are “good things or bad things.”

A significant amount of people from US shifted to Canada in last summer of 2017 after Trumps change in Immigration Policies for immigrants. Also in the survey the US got ranked on the 9th Position with a score of 7.86.

In comparison of both countries the US and Canada which have a history of receiving Immigrants Canada has sustained its history where as US is seeking to keep away from the same though both these countries are the largest in accepting immigrants but followed by ‘political fault lines’.

Study found the acceptance of immigrants in both the countries in people who are young, most educated, living in urban areas, earning well and satisfied with their income a standard of living  in comparison to those who were not working or think they are not getting their fare share. In terms of religion those who consider religion very important and are conservative scored lower points on the Migrant acceptance Index than people who are liberal and religion friendly in both the countries.

People who supported Trump Ideology of Conservative, religion bound thoughts scored 6.97 in comparison to those who were liberal and did not support his idea scored 8.61.



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