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IELTS Listening Exam Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks to follow for IELTS Listening Exam The listening recorder will play only once so practice listening carefully as you will not get a second chance to listen the audio Practice multitasking you should be able to listen, read your questions and note down points at the sameRead More

IELTS Writing Exam Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks to follow for IELTS Writing Exam Tips to follow for Writing Task 1 Write 150 words do not exceed the word limit or undercount the words for both academic and General tests Write an introductory statement before starting your answer Practice identifying the key features of yourRead More

IELTS Reading Tips and Ticks

Tips and Tricks to follow for IELTS Reading Exam You should read the passage and have a general idea of the content so it will make easier to answers the questions. Reading the passage should not take you more than 2 to 3 minutes. Locate the important information and keywordsRead More

IELTS Speaking Exam Tips

Tips and Tricks to follow for IELTS Speaking Exam Don’t provide very short answers like “Yes I do or No I don’t” as this will not give the examiner a chance to assess your language and can make you lose marks. Speak as fluent as you can and use strongRead More

The golden 7, 7, 7 & 8 IELTS Score can make your PR application

In today’s world getting a Canada PR has become very competitive with so many people globally trying for PR it is a tough competition as everyone is trying to make their profile better than one another. In this case scenario, we see many applications are not successful only because ofRead More

Why? IELTS Training & Coaching

IELTS examination is the bedrock for overseas education, work, and immigration. It is also one of the most critical and difficult areas in the overseas education/immigration process. There are many cases where candidates are not able to get the required bands. And get stuck in their application process! To provideRead More

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