IELTS Writing Exam Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks to follow for IELTS Writing Exam

  • Tips to follow for Writing Task 1
  • Write 150 words do not exceed the word limit or undercount the words for both academic and General tests
  • Write an introductory statement before starting your answer
  • Practice identifying the key features of your graph or chart present
  • Be careful with the usage of vocabulary use as much as important vocabulary you can or important phrase of words.
  • Pay attention to Grammatical errors try and make no or minimum grammatical errors
  • In writing your essay, do not underwrite or overwrite the word count.
  • While writing an essay or a report structure your paragraphs. Pay attention to the way you present your information and paragraphing.
  • A connection is also very important to show the examiner how and by which use of connectors you have connected your information together and compare information in a consistent way.


  • Tips to follow for Writing Task 2
  • The word count for essay 2 is 250; do not go beyond the limit of 280 and not to write undercount of words.
  • Spend at least 3 to 5 minutes in planning your essay it is very essential to plan how and what are you going to write. Have logical paragraphing present relevant ideas and have clear supporting points to present these ideas.
  • For this test, it is extremely important you plan your essay even if you have good English it will make no good difference if your essay is not planned properly. So, we Advise


  • If you have points to mention in your essay do listing of those points
  • Use connecting words to support your main points in your essay
  • In support to your points or to explain them use examples
  • Use words like ‘particularly’ or ‘specifically’ to highlight your points are to stress on a particular point
  • Use connecting words either connectors were you have explained opposite ideas, expressing your opinion, giving the reason for a particular point or you have cause for something or give a solution.

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