Latest Express Entry Draw 28 November 2018

The latest Express Entry Draw issued 3,900 Invitation to Apply with a drop in 449 CRS score from the previous draw to current CRS 445.

This draw brings the total number of ITA’s issued in the year 2018 to 82,000.

IRCC is only 4,024 ITA’s away from breaking the last year 2017 ITA records of 86,023.

The tie-break rule applied in this draw was on the date and time October 22, 2018, at 14:40:13 UTC. This means that all candidates with a CRS score above 445, as well as those candidates with scores of 445 who submitted their profile before October 22, 2018, at 14:40:13 UTC, received an ITA in this invitation round.

This draw occurred within an interval of 15 days which likely led to the drop in the CRS score. Express Entry draw in less interval of time results in less CRS score.

A provincial nomination leads to extra 600 points which makes it most likely for a candidate to get an ITA in federal express entry draw.

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