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IELTS is one of the critical parts of the overseas process, be it Education or Permanent Residency. It can make or break your global dreams. 

In today’s world getting a Canada PR has become very competitive with so many people globally trying for PR it is a tough competition as everyone is trying to make their profile better than one another. We see many applicants are not successful only because of their IELTS Score. It is now very important and a necessity to meet the golden score of 7, 7, 7 & 8 to successfully get an Invitation to Apply.

Let us know this with an example that how a 7, 7, 7 & 8; can make your PR !!

Anita a candidate, is looking for Canada PR. Her Age is 26, Education Bachelors Degree, Work Experience 4 years and IELTS score assumed 7,7, 7 & 8 bands, with no siblings in Canada.

In her CRS Breakdown, she gets 124 points in Language Proficiency; in skill transferability factors, in the combination of Language Proficiency and Education she gets 25 points, and in the combination of Language Proficiency and Work Experience she gets 50 points. Her overall CRS Points come to be 429.

Now if we cut her IELTS score from 7,7,7 & 8 says to 6.5 in Writing. Her Language proficiency points are reduced to 116 a difference of 8 points. In skill transferability factor, in the combination of Language proficiency and Education, points are reduced to 13 points a reduction of 12 points. In the combination of, Language proficiency and Work Experience points are reduced to 25 points a difference of 25 points. Hence the overall CRS points get a reduction of 45 points, making her score as 384.

In the above example, you saw how a mere 0.5 point band difference can make or break your CRS Score. 

This brings in a requirement of an expert trainer to give you rigorous Coaching and Training to cover up this 0.5 difference and achieve your desired 7,7,7 & 8 scores. Language Proficiency (via IELTS test) is the only CRS factor which is under one’s control and can be achieved with dedicated practice and hard work.

Our expert faculty is with years of experience in journalism, mass communication, writing for journals and publications and English coaching. And has coached at reputed institutions and have trained various students in IELTS/TOEFL/GMAT.

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