Hyderabad students keep their US dreams alive

HYDERABAD: Scores of US-bound students in the city expressed relief following department of homeland security’s suspension on Donald Trump’s immigration ban. However, fear over deportation still looms large among students.

Although Hyderabad for years has been popular in issuing the most F1 visas in the country, those planning to pursue higher education this year are on tenterhooks.

Among them is Nikhil Reddy, who still pursues dream of studying in the USA. “I am happy that the department of homeland security (DHS) has suspended the order. However, I am still concerned as it was the DHS which had deported many of my friends last year. I am worried because I don’t want a mark on my passport of being deported,” said Reddy.

Unlike other students, Abhishek Rathod plans to do a diploma in IT in New Zealand (NZ) and then seek entry in USA from New Zealand. “During the US elections, my family asked me to wait for a while to know who will be elected as the president. The moment Trump was elected; we decided to wait for six months to understand his strategies. But within a month of taking charge, he has started to sign orders,” said Rathod.

As US court denied Trump’s request to immediately restore travel ban, industry experts opine that fear of deportation will continue to haunt many aspirants, willing to seek admissions in US-based universities. “The inception of the presidential election in the US propelled the terms immigration and deportation on every news outlet foiling the lifelong dream and ambition of students interested in pursuing higher education abroad.

Extracted from Credit: TNN, www.timesofindia.com


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