IELTS Listening Exam Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks to follow for IELTS Listening Exam

  • The listening recorder will play only once so practice listening carefully as you will not get a second chance to listen the audio
  • Practice multitasking you should be able to listen, read your questions and note down points at the same time. So practice!!
  • Use a pencil while writing your answers
  • Use CAPITAL letters in writing your answers
  • Do not leave any question blank even if you don’t know the answers
  • Check the word limit in every question as it may change according to the question example if a question asks for the answers in 2 words only then do not write more than 2 words.
  • Check your spellings, do not make any spelling mistake
  • The audio has lots of information your focus should be on the answers to your question
  • The answers may come very early or may at a later stage you have to stay focused.
  • If you miss answers move on to the next question. Don’t waste time you may lose your pace in the recording.

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