New South Wales Nomination Program


It comes under skilled migrated nomination program (190), It is for those people who are  highly educated and experienced immigrants whose demand is high in New South Wales. In recent years, there is a high demand shown for NSW nomination for the Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190).

NSW has selection based invitation process in which the NSW selects and invites the most suitable candidates from the Skill Select to apply for the NSW nomination and make sure that the candidates are selected according to the needs and skills best suited for New South Wales

 The Features Of NSW Nominated Program

  • NSW can nominate the highly skilled migrant whose occupation is listed on the NSW 190 priority Skilled Occupation List.
  • The candidates are selected according to the needs of NSW labor market.
  • It’s a point tested visa where the applicants are tested by their qualification, education, age, work experience and other factors.
  • If the candidate gets nominated by NSW, he/she gets five extra points towards their overall point score.
  • After getting nominated by NSW, the candidate have to live and work in NSW for at least first two years.

 Skilled Regional Nominated Migration (Subclass 489)

The skilled Regional Nominated Migration is a provisional skilled visa which allows you to live and work in regional NSW for minimum 4 years. This visa is a gateway for you to apply for a permanent visa at later stage provided you hold this visa and live for at least 2 years and work for at least one year in regional NSW. PARTICIPATING NSW REGIONS:

NSW works in partnership with the Regional Development Authorities communities in NSW to deliver the 489 Program. The regions can select the applicants based on their job qualification whose skill selects are needed in their region.

The regions which take part in NSW Regional Migration (Subclass 489) are:

  • Far South Coast
  • Mid North Coast
  • Murray
  • Northern Inland
  • Orana
  • Riverina
  • Southern Island
ANZSCO Occupation
133111 Construction Project Manager
133211 Engineering Manager
134111 Child Care Centre Manager
134212 Nursing Clinical Director
134214 Welfare Centre Manager
141311 Hotel or Motel Manager
221111 Accountant (General)
221112 Management Accountant


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