Quebec Selected Skilled Worker

Unlike other provinces, Quebec is different it has its own system of Immigration and does not align itself with the Canada Government Department of Immigration Refugee Citizenship and Canada (IRCC) governed Express Entry System and Provincial Nominee Programs. Given below are various ways to immigrate to the province of Quebec which are as follows:

  • to immigrate to Quebec and work there ( Permanent Workers )
  • to immigrate to Quebec and do business there (Business people )
  • to stay in Quebec and work there temporarily ( Temporary Workers )
  • to stay in Quebec and study there ( Foreign students )
  • to sponsor a family member abroad ( Family reunification )
  • sponsor a refugee ( Humanitarian Immigration )



  • A Candidates education which also includes field of training. A candidate needs to know that  since December 31, 2015, only diplomas obtained prior to the submission of your application are considered in the award of the score to the Education Level criterion ;
  • your professional experience ;
  • your age;
  • your knowledge of French and English ;
  • the stays you have made in Québec and your relationship with a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident in Québec;
  • A candidate must have a valid job offer (applies only if you have received an offer of employment from a Quebec employer and this offer meets the conditions in force);
  • the characteristics of your spouse (spouse, common-law partner) accompanying you, if applicable;
  • other factors are taken into consideration of which: the number of children under 22 who will go with you to Quebec;
  • your capacity to financially support yourself and family independently, make sure your settlement funds (you must sign a contract whereby you agree to give for yourself and your family for at least the first three months following your arrival in Québec).


1.Know about Quebec
It is an inexpensive and feasible way of immigration.

2. Evaluate online your chances of being selected by Quebec

3. Know the conditions of the Regular Skilled Worker Program

4. Submit an Expression of Interest through Arrima. You can upgrade your expression of interest anytime.

5. Apply for permanent residence with the Government of Canada

6. Prepare before leaving for Quebec

7. Present yourself at the Quebec City Home Office at Montreal Airport continue the process of integration in Quebec

Immigrate to Quebec and do business there (Business people )

Steps to Immigrate QUEBEC

  1. Know about Quebec and business environment
  2. Apply as a business immigrant
  3. Making an exploratory trip to Quebec
  4. Developing a business plan
  5. Preparing for your life in Quebec
  6. Going into business or acquiring a business
  7. Getting settled and facilitating your family integration

This Stream has further 3 Sub-Categories

  1. The Entrepreneur Program
  2. The Investor Program
  3. The-Self Employed Program

Entrepreneur Program

To be eligible for this program, you must:

  • have a minimum net worth of CAN $ 300,000, obtained legally with your spouse or common-law partner, provided he or she accompanies you.
  • have experience in fully operating a business of at least two years obtained during the five years preceding the date of submission of your application in a profitable and lawful business (agricultural, industrial or commercial) of which you control , alone or with your accompanying spouse or common-law partner, at least 25% of the equity.
  • Experience in the operation of a business is defined here as the effective and full-time exercise of responsibilities and functions of planning, directing and controlling material, financial and human resources other than such exercise in the context of apprenticeship, training or specialization leading to a diploma.
  • Full-time means that the person, during the period in question, has devoted all his or her working time to management.
  • Note: Points are awarded based on the duration of the real and full-time exercise of such responsibilities.
  • submit your application in one of the following two streams of the program:
    • Opportunity to complete a business project: submit a business plan for the making or acquisition in Québec of a business (agricultural, industrial or commercial) to handle it yourself or to take part as a business associated with its day-to-day management and operations. You will have to control, alone or with your accompanying spouse or common-law partner, at least 25% of the equity, which must be worth at least C $ 100,000.
    • Acquisition of a business in Quebec component: having acquired a business in Quebec, alone or with your accompanying spouse or common-law partner, at least 25% of the equity of a business (agricultural, commercial or industrial), this percentage has to be worth at least CAN $ 100,000. You will manage the business yourself or participate as an associate in the day-to-day management and operations of the business.

Note that you cannot acquire an acquired business, in the five years preceding your application for a selection certificate, by another candidate who participated in the program.

The evaluation of the application will also cover other factors, such as:

  • your age
  • the nature and duration of your training/education
  • your language skills
  • your personal qualities and your knowledge of Quebec
  • Depending on the part of the program selected, the steps taken to acquire a business in Quebec or your ability to carry out a business project will be the central elements of the evaluation.

In addition, upon your arrival in Québec, you must comply, for at least one year within three years of obtaining your permanent residence, under the following conditions:

  • create or get, in whole or in part, an agricultural, commercial or industrial enterprise established in Québec from which you hold at least 25% of the equity capital, this percentage being worth at least C $ 100,000, and which will permanently use and a minimum of 30 hours per week a resident of Quebec other than yourself and your family members accompanying you. The agricultural entrepreneur is exempt from the obligation to create or maintain a full-time job
  • Participate in the management and daily operations of the company.

Investor Program

As a result of the coming into force of the Dealer and Trust Company Quota Regulations  on July 15, 2015, financial intermediaries must have been assigned a number of (quota) sign an investment agreement with a foreign national who applies for a selection certificate.

To qualify for the Investor Program, you must:

  • Have, alone or with your accompanying spouse or common-law partner, a net worth of at least CAN $ 1,600,000, obtained legally. Amounts received by donation less than six months before the filing of your application will not be accepted;
  • Have management experience either in a lawful agricultural, commercial or industrial enterprise, or in a lawful professional enterprise whose employees, excluding you, occupy at least the equivalent of two full-time jobs, either for an international organization or government, one of its departments or agencies;
    • The management experience as the full time experience, for at least two years in the five years preceding the application for a selection certificate, of planning, management and control functions of financial resources and human resources or material, under your authority. This experience does not include that acquired in the context of apprenticeship, training or specialization leading to a diploma.
  • Plan to settle in Quebec and sign an investment agreement of CAN $ 800,000with a financial mediator (broker or trust company) authorized to take part in the Investor Program.
·          The investment agreement is part of the documents to be filed with the Québec Certificate of Selection application.

·          The investment of CAN $ 800,000, for five years, is guaranteed by the Québec government.

·          Brokers and trust companies offer the opportunity to fund the investment.

·          The income generated by the candidate’s placement will be used to finance two business assistance programs in Quebec, the Immigrant Investor Program for Business Assistance and the Assistance Program for the Integration of Immigrants and Visible Minorities into Employment. .

·          At the end of the investment, the broker or trust company will reimburse the applicant the amount of CAN $ 800,000, without interest, within 30 days. The amount refunded may however vary in the case where the candidate has opted to finance his investment.

The evaluation of your application will also cover other factors, such as your age, the nature and duration of your professional training and your language skills .

Self-Employed Program

To be eligible for this program, you must:

  • come to Quebec to create your own jobby practicing, on your own, a profession or trade
  • have a minimum net worth of C $ 100,000, legally obtained with, where applicable, your spouse or common-law partner, provided he or she accompanies you
  • have at least two yearsof work experience in your profession or trade that you intend to practice in Québec.

The evaluation of your application will also cover other factors, such as:

  • your age and that of your spouse, if applicable
  • the nature and duration of your respective professional training
  • your language skills
  • your personal qualities and your knowledge of Quebec.


Your 7-step procedure

  • Finding out about Québec and various aspects of temporary work
  • Obtaining the authorizations to work temporarily in Québec
    Preparing for your stay in Québec
  • Arriving in Québec and settling in
  • Obtaining new authorizations for temporary work once in Québec
  • Staying in Québec permanently
    Taking steps towards your successful integration into Québec

There are 4 Categories under Temporary Foreign Worker Program according to the median hourly wage.

  1. You are worker who will occupy a high-wage position (hourly wage equal to or greater than the median hourly wage in Quebec) – Specialized occupations or Lower-skilled occupations.
  2. Worker who will occupy a low-wage position (hourly-wage less than the median hourly wage in Quebec)  Specialized occupations or Lower-skilled occupations.
  3. You are agriculture worker and you would like to work on a farm E.g. worker on a cattle farm or fruit picker
  4. You are a live-in-caregiver admitted under Canada’s Caregiver Program (LCP).

High-Wage Position

  1. You must find an employer in Québec who wishes to hire you temporarily.
    The employer who is ready to hire you must take certain steps with the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion and Service Canada. Some jobs are exempt from the work permit and the labour market impact assessment.
  2. You must get a Certificat d’acceptation du Québec(CAQ – Québec Acceptance Certificate) for temporary work. Verify if you are exempt from the obligation to get a CAQ.

Temporary worker – Low-wage position

Low-wage positions comprise jobs in various fields and include positions held by homecare providers.

To be hired as an in-home caregiver, you must meet certain eligibility criteria and your position must be listed in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2011 under one of the following codes:

  • NOC code 4411 – Home child care providers
  • NOC code 4412 – Home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations
  • NOC code 3233 – Licensed practical nurses
  • NOC code 3413 – Nurse aids, Orderlies and Patient Service Associates

Procedure for a worker in a low-wage position

A Québec employer who wishes to hire you temporarily in a low-wage position requires, you to get a Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ – Québec Acceptance Certificate) for temporary work.

You must send your employer everything they need to get a CAQ in your name, specifically:

  • the Application for Certificate of acceptance (CAQ) for temporary work, duly completed and signed. Be sure to correctly complete the section entitled Authorization given to employerto authorize your employer to represent you in your procedure with the Ministry.
  • the supporting documents required to process your application for a CAQ. If the documents are written in a language other than French or English, they must be translated by a translator officially recognized in your country of residence. These documents must carry the translator’s seal and signature.
  • payment of the fees required by the Government of Québec to check your application for a CAQ. Note that these fees can be paid by your employer.

Important: Jobs for a period of 30 days or less do not need a CAQ.

The employer then follows the procedure with the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion and Service Canada.

Agricultural worker

Québec offers three programs for recruiting agricultural workers. Those programs are a follows:

Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program
Countries targeted: Mexico, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago


Agricultural Stream
Countries targeted: Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador


Low-skilled occupations stream – Agricultural Sector
Countries targeted: all countries except for Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador




  • Finding out about studying in Québec
  • Applying for admission to an institution
  • Obtaining the necessary authorizations to study in Québec.
  • Preparing yourself before your departure for Québec
  • Proceeding with your temporary settlement in Québec
  •  Extending your stay
  • Staying in Québec permanently

The advantages of choosing to study in Québec

Here are some of the advantages of choosing to study in Québec:

  • Québec diplomas are recognized internationally. Québec ensures the quality of the programs offered in the public institutions of its educational system. Only universities and university-affiliated schools and institutes are authorized to offer university programs.
  • You have a vast range of French and English programs of study to choose from, depending on the institution selected.
  • Tuition fees applicable to foreign students in Québec compare favorably to those in other industrialized countries. The cost of living is also among the lowest in Canada.
  • Québec’s institutions of higher learning, irrespective of their size and site, are all equipped with ultramodern facilities(high-tech labs, computer labs, sports facilities, auditoriums, etc.) regardless of their size or site.
  • Studying in Québec also, and uniquely, means experiencing North America in French. At the crossroads of Latin and Anglo-Saxon cultures, and enriched by the contributions of a multiethnic immigration, Québec offers a stimulating living environment with the added benefit of being safe.
  • Finally, Québec, a territory three times the size of France, is equal with wide open spaces. In addition to its myriad lakes and rivers, a huge boreal forest, a fjord and a majestic seaway, it has a multitude of national parks whose features change with the four seasons

You must follow a two-stage process:

  1. Applying for a Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ – Québec selection certificate)
  2. Applying to the government of Canada for permanent residence

Family reunification


  1. Find out about the requirements to sponsor a close relative
  2. Apply to sponsor a close relative
  3.  Facilitate the integration of the sponsored person in Québec
  4. Recommend that the sponsored person go to the Immigration-Québec office at the airport
  5. Help the sponsored person with the integration proceedings

Apply to sponsor a close relative

Here are three important steps to follow to sponsor a close relative and information to understand this process. The person you are sponsoring must also complete certain rules.

  1. Submit a sponsorship application to the Government of Canada (more specifically to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada – IRCC).
  2. Submit an undertaking application to the Government of Québec.
  3. Ask the person you are sponsoring to complete certain procedures, namely, applying for a Québec Selection Certificate and permanent residence.

You can only give your undertaking application once you have received confirmation that your sponsorship application is has been approved by the IRCC.

Immigration is a shared jurisdiction between the governments of Québec and Canada. In the case of the family class (sponsoring a close family member), the person who wishes to sponsor must satisfy the requirements of both governments.

The requirements to sponsor a close relative

The requirements define the sponsor and the close relative getting sponsored and the obligations they need to meet if they want to apply for family reunification.

Sponsor (guarantor)

You can sponsor a close relative if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in Québec, you are at least 18 years of age and you satisfy the prerequisites.

The sponsorship targets this close relative and, if applicable, accompanying family members.

Sponsored person (a close relative)

To be sponsored, your close relative must belong to the family class and satisfy specific requirements:

You can sponsor:

  • your spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner
  • your dependent child your father, mother, grandfather or grandmother
  • your orphaned brother, sister, nephew, niece, grandson or granddaughter, who is under the age of 18, and not married or in a common-law relationship
  • a child you plan to adopt (international adoption) – process for adopting a child residing abroad

 Humanitarian immigration

Québec fully believes in providing protection to the refugees on humanitarian grounds. Humanitarian immigration occupies a particularly important place in Québec.

If you are a refugee

There is an immigration procedure proposed for refugees to integrate in Québec society. There are 3 ways are refugee claimant can enter Quebec:

  • If you are being assisted by the Government du Québec, and have you been recognized by Canada as a Convention Refugee Abroad
  • If you have been recognized overseas as being a Convention Refugee Abroad or a member of the Country of Asylum Class and has a group of individuals or an organization undertaken a sponsorship on your behalf
  • If you have been recognized as a refugee or a person in need of protection following an application for asylum filed within Canada

If you are a group of collective refugees or your immigration application is being processed within Canada on humanitarian ground, or an asylum seeker  you can apply for PR
Procedure for refugees in abroad

  1. Being selected by Québec
  2. Preparing before departure to make your integration into Québec easier
  3. Proceeding to the Immigration-Québec office upon arrival at the airport
  4. Taking steps to integrate successfully into Québec
  5. Bringing your spouse or children to Québec

The Selection Procedure

If you are referred by the Government of Canada for selection by Québec, you must complete the application for a Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ – Québec Selection Certificate) that will be sent to you.

When completing forms for either the Government of Canada or the Gouvernement du Québec, and during all interviews, need to that you declare:

  • all members of your immediate family (spouse and children), even if these persons are not accompanying you
  • relatives or family members, such as your parents, an aunt, nephew, etc., with whom you are living
  • members of your immediate family (spouse and children) who are missing, if you do not have confirmation that they are deceased.

There is no fee to process your application.

Procedure for a Sponsored Refugee

  1. Being Selected in Quebec
  2. Preparing before departure to make your integration into Quebec easier
  3. Proceeding to Immigration-Quebec office upon arrival at the airport
  4. Taking steps to integrate successfully into Quebec
  5. Bringing your spouse and children into Quebec

Procedure for a Refugee recognized in Canada

  1. Obtaining a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ)
  2. Taking steps to integrate successfully into Quebec
  3. Applying for Permanent Residency

Procedure for Permanent residence applications processed in Canada

  1. Obtaining a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ)
  2. Taking steps to integrate successfully into Quebec



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