New Zealand Entrepreneur Work Visa

If you are an experienced business person and want to work on your own in New Zealand this visa could be your ideal choice.This visa allows you to buy, set up your own business in New Zealand. You get this visa under 2 stages:-

  1.  For 12 months thus allowing you to buy or set up your business
  2.  Once you prove the above step to set up your business you will be granted a 24 months visa


  1. Proof of Identity, good character and good health person
  2. Show minimum capital investment of NZ $ 100,000 excluding working capital
  3. Must gain 120 points on point scale
  4. Give your business plan to NZ
  5. Start your business within 12 months
  6. Take part in evaluation of the Entrepreneur work Visa Category
  7. You should not be bankrupt or have a failed business within 5 years from your application

Over-all Processing Time is 12 months

There is a Residency Entrepreneur Visa as well for those who are Self-Employed in New Zealand for 6 months or operated a business on 2 years on Entrepreneur Work Visa.

  • Entrepreneur Residence Category (2 years) – If you have successfully established or purchased a business in New Zealand and have been self-employed in that business for at least two years, and for your business to have significantly benefited New Zealand.
  • Entrepreneur Residence Category (6 months) – This option provides a faster track to residence if you have invested at least NZ$500,000 in your business and have created a minimum of three new full-time jobs for New Zealand citizens or residents.


Under both options, you need to meet health, character and English language requirements.

It takes around 17 months to the whole process



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