New Zealand Parent Retirement Visa

New Zealand’s Parent Retirement Category Visa is for those who are looking forward to live rest of their life of after retirement in NZ and are having their Children(s) in the country as a Resident/ Permanent Resident/ Citizen.

 Requirements to be fulfilled to get this Visa:-

  • Must be earning annual income of NZ $60,000
  • Must be having investment plan to invest NZ $ 1 million in the time span of 4 years
  • Must be having NZ $5,00,000 as settlement fund to live on
  • Must be having an adult child who is living in New Zealand on the status of a Resident/ Permanent Resident/ Citizen
  • You must have acquire your investment funds lawfully and transfer your investment funds to New Zealand
  • Must provide proof of good health, character and also identity proof

If you meet the criteria its for indefinite duration and it takes 17 months to complete the process.



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