Greece Residency by Investment

Greece is situated on the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa and located in Southern Europe. Greece is popularly known for its food, tourism, strong coffee, tobacco production. National language of Greece is Greek.

Facts and Figures

Population: 10,900,000

GDP: $195,878,000,000

Per Capita GDP: $17,565

Size: 131, 960km²

Capital: Athens

Requirements for Residency Investment

Primary applicants should be above 18 years old, non EU citizens, and only need to commit a purchase of property with a net worth of 250K euros, without any examination into background, experience or funds.

Applicants may claim dependents can be the spouse, children under 21 years old (or above 21 years old still on study, unmarried and depend on the main applicant), parents depended and parents-in-law.


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