Ireland Residency by Investment

The Republic Of Ireland is situated in the North-Western Europe; it is an island on North Atlantic. Irish culture is known for its influential music, dance and literature it shares many cultural features with that of Great Britain like English Language and sports like rugby, football, horse racing and golf.

Facts and Figures

Population: 4,760,000

GDP: $231,000,000,000

Total area:  70,280 km²

Capital city: Dublin

GDP Per capita: $65,870.825

Requirements for Residency by Investment

  • Applicant who are non- EEA nationals.
  • Main applicant: over 18 years old
  • Spouse and children under the age of 18; unmarried children aged between 18 and 24, who prove that they are financially dependent on the applicant.
  • No criminal record
  • €1M into an Irish enterprise for a minimum of three years

Financial requirements
Evidence of net worth : €2M
Evidence of Funds worth €1M
Evidence of source of funds
Evidence of Character


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