Increase in Provincial Nominee, year 2017

A new data released about express entry shows an increase in the number of applicants along with their families who got admitted to Canada through a provincial nomination.

The data shows how in comparison to year 2016 in year 2017 the admissions rise from 7,818 to 13,528 an increase of 75,000. Along with this also rose the number of applications received by IRCC from 13,292 in 2016 to 17,520 in year 2017 an increase by 32 percent.

Canada admitted more than 286,600 new permanent residents through its various immigration programs in 2017. Of that number, 65,401 principal applicants and their family members were admitted through economic immigration programs managed by the federal Express Entry system.


Ontario top province of destination

Ontario, New Brunswick and British Columbia were the destination provinces that saw the outstanding increases in admissions of Express Entry applicants with a provincial nomination and their family members as new permanent residents in 2017.

 Newfoundland and
 3  8
 Nova Scotia  1,410  1,851
 Prince Edward Island  426  740
 New Brunswick  367  1,249
 Quebec  0*  0*
 Ontario  1,948  4,420
 Manitoba  99  47
 Saskatchewan  1,678  2,154
 Alberta  0  2
 British Columbia  1,877  3,019
 Yukon  0  6
 Northwest Territories  10  32
 Nunavut  0  0
 TOTAL  7,818  13,528

Ontario increase was very impressive as the number rose from 19, 48 to 4,420.Express Entry candidates with a Ontario nomination saw 36,087 people constituting of family members nearly 12 per cent entering Canada.

New Brunswick Express Entry candidates saw a rise from 367 in year 2016 to 1,249 in year 2017 and increase by 240.

British Columbia Express Entry candidates saw a rise from 1,877 in year 2016 to 3,019 in year 2017.

Express Entry admissions with a provincial nomination represented 24 per cent of the 12,401 people who were admitted to British Columbia as permanent residents across all Express Entry programs in 2017. All in all, the number of Express Entry candidates and their family members who were admitted to Canada and had B.C. as their province of destination in 2017 rose more than 50 per cent over 2016’s total of 6,580.

The Express Entry data for 2017 also show the number of ITAs issued to candidates living outside Canada increased between 2016 and 2017, from 36 per cent to 51 per cent.


Applications also on the rise

The number of applications for permanent residence submitted by Express Entry candidates with a provincial nomination also grew in 2017, increasing from 13,292 in 2016 to 17,520 in 2017.

 Newfoundland and
 10  30
 Nova Scotia  2,135  2,253
 Prince Edward Island 871 410
 New Brunswick 1,076  1,666
 Quebec  0*  0*
 Ontario  3,254  8,394
 Manitoba 60 24
 Saskatchewan  3,185  1,264
 Alberta  2  0
 British Columbia  2,672  3,445
 Yukon  2  12
 Northwest Territories  25  15
 Nunavut  0  0
 TOTAL  13,292  17,520

This growth was largely due to applications from Express Entry candidates with a nomination from Ontario, which rose from 3,254 in 2016 to 8,394 in 2017. Ontario also dominated in terms of applications from Express Entry candidates across all programs, with 72,993 listing it as their province of destination out of 109,497 total applications received by IRCC.

In terms of ITAs issued to provincial nominees in 2017, the number did not differ much from the previous year. In 2016, 8,798 invitations were sent to provincial nominees and 8,732 were sent in 2017.

There are, however, chances that this number could soon increase. A number of provinces have introduced or are expected to introduce new Express Entry streams this year while others have innovated how they use their existing Express Entry streams.

In 2017, Canada’s admission target for the PNP was 51,000. Under the federal government’s 2018-2020 multi-year levels immigration plan, PNPs are slated to grow by 11 per cent annually over the three years, for a total increase of nearly 33 per cent in admissions.

IRCC says no immigration program will grow as fast as the PNP.

PNP target admissions

Year Low High Target Target Increase
2017 49,000 54,000 51,000
2018 53,000 57,400 55,000 4,000 (8%)
2019 57,000 63,500 61,000 6,000 (11%)
2020 62,000 68,500 67,800 6,800 (11%)

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