New Brunswick’s Population shrinkage is leading to wider talks on Immigration

Forty years ago, New Brunswick population grew by 4,000 per year and now it’s shrinking by the same number.  Somewhere between years 1946 to 1965 New Brunswick saw higher birth rates but now people born this time are growing above the age of 65 and are retiring.

New Brunswick has more people above the age of 65 years than children’s under the age of 15 years which has resulted in decline in its taxes and economic growth annually by 0.5 per cent and an increase in health and social services since the ageing population is on its rise.

Seeing the current scenario NB economist David Campbell and Richard Sailiant have taken on a mission to create an understanding among the masses that how immigration can help sustain an employer’s job but also grow the state diversely and culturally.

They together with New Brunswick Multi-Cultural Council (NBMC) executive director has created something called ‘New Conversations’ were they will do a 15 cities tour which are experiencing a significant immigration or are identified as having a need of having a significant immigration with a sole purpose of talking about immigration.

Mr. Mohmed Bagha, managing director of St. John Newcomer Center, says NB need to prepare to open itself to immigrants and it will help the province grow culturally and diversely for sustainability in province.

With this it’s a good opportunity for all the Immigrants out there to look at the current scenario of New Brunswick for immigrating to Canada, to live and settle their lives along with contributing to Canada’s economy with their skills.


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