Nursing in Canada for International Qualified Nurses

According to the Canadian Nurses Association,Canada will be short almost 60,000 full-time nurses in 2022. According to the Government of Canada, sources of employment will open up in coming years because of the aged workforce in the sector.

Requirement of nurses is in three main areas: healthcare, education, and administration.

1)  The healthcare nurses, as easily understood are most sought i.e. demand is highest for them. This is quite natural as nurses are required in hospitals, clinics, aged care centres and similar places. And they form major workforce in all such places.

2) Education workforce is post secondary level teaching for nursing students, imparting them training, theory and practice.

3) Administrative positions mean leading the healthcare team comprising of other healthcare professionals including nurses and coordinating with various stakeholders. This is a senior level position requiring experience and expertise.

Nursing professionals are categorized into four classes

  • Registered nurse(RN) – Nurses that complete a national licensing exam, in addition to a school’s nursing program, are called registered nurses.
  • Licensed practical nurse(LPN) or licensed vocational nurse (LVN), known as registered practical nurse (RPN) in Ontario and Quebec.
  • Registered psychiatric nurse (RPN) – are licensed to practice only in British ColumbiaAlbertaSaskatchewanManitoba, and the territories.
  • Nurse practitioner – an RN with additional training and certification who can perform additional tasks including ordering and interpreting tests and prescribing medications

As a ballpark, RN pay starts at $22 per hour and goes up to $40 per hour. The pay for RN in acute care departments is higher at around $ 30 per hour. This at conversion of 1CAD$ to 50INR is between INR 1000-2000 per hour. Considerable jump to pay scales in India.

Data picked in reference from Ontario Nurses’ Association.

One way for graduates/ high school students is to take up a nursing course in Canada and then work for the in demand healthcare industry of Canada. Experienced professionals can also apply for work.

So, plan ahead of your peers, choose the right kind of study, a rewarding career is waiting for you in Canada

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