Career Counselling

At GEI, we offer the best education and career counselling services.

Our career counsellors offer the expert guidance to make your dream of obtaining an international qualification come true. You are not only guided to choose the correct course, college and country but also advised on your career goals in the industry.

Studying abroad is a huge step in one’s academic career and also one of the biggest steps that students can take outside of their comfort zone. Therefore it is important that students know the facts about study abroad and the best options within their budget. One wrong decision will impact the rest of their life. So we are here to help choose wisely and carefully.

GEI helps you with:

  • Career Guidance – to ensure that student’s investment gives results.
  • Getting admission into the best colleges and universities as per student’s profile.
  • Guiding on Applications & Admissions
  • Visa filing and interview preparation for getting the student visa.
  • Accommodation in order to make their transition smooth for a new beginning.


Importance of Choosing the Correct Country and Course

The first step in the process of study abroad is to understand the choice of the subject student intend to take for their studies abroad. With the various areas of subjects, they need to make the correct choice. This is where our experts come into play. Our Education Planners here do complete career counselling of the student by asking them the details of their prior education and their present area of interest. Our experts then according guide them choose the right subject based on their prior qualification. After that a thorough and proven short-listing is done for the student.  For example, a student has an interest in Hospitality Management as his field of study. Each and every country conducts this programme. But how can a student decide which is the best country he or she should opt for this course?  Our Education Planners here do all the research for the student. They will choose the best college for Hospitality Management. in the countries and will then do a detailed comparison as to the internship prospects of the course, the budget constrain of the student, the ranking of the college and future prospects of settlements too. Hence the student is able to pick the best available option from the vast options available in the field of Hospitality Management. Now the burden of the short-listing is taken from student’s shoulder. Our experts here not only help to choose the subject but at the same time provide the best country to go for too.

The world’s best destination for education is simply based on reputation of the industry and its successful alumni. Hence it is not only the reputation here but also the need for evaluation on the part time work permit while studying and the grant to work permit after completion of the course, which matter.

Our team of Overseas Education Planners is trained to offer students the best advice and assistance keeping in mind their aptitude, budget, and country preferences.
All you have to do is to give us a call or walk into our office and together we will find the best International Education Opportunities for you.


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