Quebec Skilled Worker Program releases 2018 Areas of Training List

Quebec has released a revised Area of Training list, with effect from 2nd August 2018 it will help the foreign degree holders to get 12 points in Quebec Skilled Worker Program which is among the 10 factors of selection on basis of which points are awarded in this program.

The revised Training List is among the new change which has come in Quebec Selected Skilled Worker Program with effect to 2nd August 2018, Quebec also introduced an Expression of Interest which replaces its earlier system of first come first basis and now candidates interested in Quebec Immigration can directly give an Expression of Interest and then the Immigration Ministry of Quebec will accept applications from the pool of candidates and issue ITA’s to candidates who meet the labor market needs of the province and successfully blend in its economy and society.

The Training List

  • ACS = Attestation of College Studies
  • AVS = Attestation of Vocational Specialization
  • DVS = Diploma of Vocational Studies
  • DCS = Diploma of College Studies (Vocational or technical education programs with a three-year duration leading to a diploma of college studies)

Section A ( Principal Applicant 12 Points, Spouse or common-in-law partner 4 points )

Actuarial Science (Bach.)
Information Management (Bach.)
Early Childhood Education Techniques (ACS)
Early Childhood Education Techniques (DCS)
Restaurant Management (DCS)
Visual Orthosis Techniques (DCS)
Agricultural Mechanics (DVS)


Section B (Principal Applicant 9 points)

Accounting and Accounting Science (Bach.)
Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering (Bach.)
Agricultural and Rural Engineering (Bach.)
Agriculture (Bach.)
Agri-forest Engineering (Master’s degree)
Applied Mathematics (Bach.)
Architecture (Master’s degree)
Banking and Financial Operations (Bach.)
Biological and Biomedical Engineering (Bach.)
Business Administration (Bach.)
Civil, Construction and Transportation Engineering (Bach.)
College Level Teacher Training (Master’s degree)
Computer Engineering (Bach.)
Computer Science (Bach.)
Cooperation (Master’s degree)
Didactics (The Art of Teaching) (Master’s degree)
Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering (Bach.)
Engineering (Bach.)
Food Engineering (Bach.)
Geological Engineering (Bach.)
Geology or Mineralogy (Bach.)
Home Economics (Bach.)
Industrial and Administrative Engineering (Bach.)
Industrial Relations (Bach.)
International Business (Bach.)
Library Science and Records Management (Master’s degree)
Mathematics (Bach.)
Mechanical Engineering (Bach.)
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (Bach.)
Mining Engineering (Bach.)
Nuclear Engineering (Master’s degree)
Operational Research (Master’s degree)
Other Health Professions (Doctorate)
Physiotherapy (Master’s degree)
Preschool Teacher Training (Bach.)
Psychology (Doctorate)
Rural and Agricultural Economics (Bach.)
Social Work (Bach.)
Specialist Primary and Secondary School Teacher Training (Bach.)
Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (Bach.)
Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (Master’s degree)
Teaching at the Preschool and Elementary Levels (Bach.)
Teaching in Vocational (Secondary) and Technical (College)
Training of Special Education Teachers (Remedial Education) (Bach.)
Urban and Land Management Architecture (Master’s degree)
Aerospace Engineering Technology (DCS)
Avionics (ACS)
Avionics (DCS)
Building Systems Technology (DCS)
Composite Material Processing Techniques (ACS)
Composite Material Processing Techniques (DCS)
Computer Science Technology (ACS)
Computer Science Technology (DCS)
Dental Hygiene Techniques (DCS)
Diagnostic Radiology Technology (DCS)
Environmental Occupational Health and Safety (DCS)
Furniture and Cabinetmaking Techniques (ACS)
Furniture and Cabinetmaking Techniques (DCS)
Geomatics Technology (DCS)
Insurance and Financial Advisory Services (ACS)
Insurance and Financial Advisory Services (DCS)
Mechanical Engineering Technology (DCS)
Metallurgical Engineering Technology (DCS)
Mineral Technology (DCS)
Orthotic and Orthopedic Prosthesis Techniques (DCS)
Pharmaceutical Production Technology (ACS)
Pharmaceutical Production Technology (DCS)
Plastics Technology (DCS)
Restaurant Management (ACS)
Special Care Counselling Techniques (ACS)
Special Care Counselling Techniques (DCS)
Water Purification (DCS)
Animal Production Technology (DVS)
Automated Systems Electromechanics (DVS)
Automotive Body Repair and Repainting (DVS)
Boilermaking (DVS)
Carpentry (DVS)
Computer Support (DVS)
Construction Equipment Mechanics (DVS)
Diemaking (AVS)
Drilling and Dynamiting (DVS)
Elevator Mechanics (DVS)
Field Crops (DVS)
Fire Protection Mechanics (DVS)
Flight Dispatch (DVS)
Heavy Road Equipment Mechanics (DVS)
Industrial Construction and Maintenance Mechanics (DVS)
Installation and Maintenance of Security Systems (DVS)
Installation and Repair of Telecommunications Equipment (DVS)
Machining Techniques (DVS)
Maple Syrup Production (DVS)
Mould Making (AVS)
Plumbing and Heating (DVS)
Professional Cooking (DVS)
Refrigeration (DVS)
Retail Butchery (DVS)
Sheet Metal Work (DVS)
Stationary Engine Mechanics (DVS)
Toolmaking (AVS)
Water Treatment (DVS)

Section C (Principal applicant: 6 points

Spouse or common-law partner: 2 points)

Architecture (Bach.)
Business Management and Administration (Bach.)
Chemical Engineering (Bach.)
Communications and Journalism (Bach.)
Community Health and Epidemiology (Master’s degree)
Criminology (Bach.)
Demography (Master’s degree)
Dietetics and Nutrition (Bach.)
Earth Sciences (Bach.)
Energy (Master’s degree)
English, General and Mother Tongue (Bach.)
Environment (Environmental Quality and Pollution) (Bach.)
Ethnology and Ethnography (Master’s degree)
Food Sciences and Technology (Bach.)
French, General and Mother Tongue (Bach.)
Genetics (Master’s degree)
Geodesy (Surveying) (Bach.)
Geography (Bach.)
Graphic Arts (Graphic Communications) (Bach.)
Health Services Management (Master’s degree)
Human Resources Management (Bach.)
Hydrology, Water Sciences (Master’s degree)
Landscaping Architecture (Bach.)
Marketing and Purchasing (Bach.)
Music (Bach.)
Natural Resources (Bach.)
Nursing (Bach.)
Occupational Therapy (Bach.)
Occupational Therapy (Master’s degree)
Optometry (Doctorate)
Pedology and Soil Management and Conservation (Master’s degree)
Physical Engineering (Bach.)
Physiotherapy (Bach.)
Plastic Arts (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture) (Bach.)
Probability and Statistics (Bach.)
Psychoeducation (Bach.)
Psychoeducation (Master’s degree)
Psychology (Master’s degree)
Pulp and Paper Engineering (Master’s degree)
Recreology (Bach.)
School Administration (Master’s degree)
Sexology (Bach.)
Teaching at the Secondary Level (Bach.)
Translation (Bach.)
University Pedagogy (Master’s degree)
Urban Planning (Bach.)
Urban Studies (Bach.)
Veterinary Medicine (Doctorate)
Zootechnics (Master’s degree)
Acupuncture (DCS)
Adventure Tourism Techniques (ACS)
Adventure Tourism Techniques (DCS)
Aerospace Engineering Technology (ACS)
Aircraft Maintenance Techniques (ACS)
Aircraft Maintenance Techniques (DCS)
Animal Health Technology (DCS)
Animal Production Technology (DCS)
Architectural Technology (ACS)
Architectural Technology (DCS)
Biomedical Laboratory Technology (ACS)
Building Appraisal and Assessment Technology (ACS)
Building Appraisal and Assessment Technology (DCS)
Civil Engineering Technology (DCS)
Community Recreation Leadership Training Techniques (DCS)
Computerized Engineering Technology (DCS)
Denturology Techniques (DCS)
Dietetic Techniques (DCS)
Electrotechnology (ACS)
Electrotechnology (DCS)
Environmental Occupational Health and Safety (ACS)
Farm Business Management and Technologies (ACS)
Farm Business Management and Technologies (DCS)
Fire Safety (ACS)
Fire Safety (DCS)
Food Processing and Quality Technology (ACS)
Food Processing and Quality Technology (DCS)
Geomatics Technology (ACS)
Hearing Aids (DCS)
Horticultural Production and Environmental Technology (DCS)
Hotel Management Techniques (ACS)
Hotel Management Techniques (DCS)
Industrial Electronics Technology (ACS)
Industrial Electronics Technology (DCS)
Industrial Engineering Technology (ACS)
Industrial Engineering Technology (DCS)
Industrial Maintenance Technology (DCS)
Laboratory Technology (DCS)
Mechanical Engineering Technology (ACS)
Medical Electrophysiology Techniques (DCS)
Metallurgical Engineering Technology (ACS)
Mineral Technology (ACS)
Multimedia Integration Techniques (ACS)
Multimedia Integration Techniques (DCS)
Naval Architecture Technology (DCS)
Nuclear Medicine Technology (DCS)
Nursing (DCS)
Office System Technology (ACS)
Office System Technology (DCS)
Ornamental Horticulture Landscaping and Marketing (DCS)
Paralegal Techniques (ACS)
Paralegal Techniques (DCS)
Physiotherapy Technology (DCS)
Prehospital Emergency Care (DCS)
Printing Works Management (DCS)
Radiation Oncology Technology (DCS)
Respiratory Therapy Techniques (DCS)
Seafood Processing (DCS)
Social Research Techniques (DCS)
Television Production and Postproduction Techniques (DCS)
Thanatology Techniques (ACS)
Thanatology Techniques (DCS)
Water Purification (ACS)
Youth and Adult Correctional Intervention Techniques (ACS)
Youth and Adult Correctional Intervention Techniques (DCS)
Aesthetics (DVS)
Arboriculture-Pruning (DVS)
Automobile Mechanics (DVS)
Cabinet Making (DVS)
Cable and Circuit Assembly (DVS)
Commercial and Residential Painting (DVS)
Construction Machine Operation (DVS)
Decorative Upholstering (DVS)
Dental Assistance (DVS)
Electricity (DVS)
Flexible Pavement Installation (DVS)
Food and Beverage Services (DVS)
Glass Products Assembly and Installation (DVS)
Hairdressing (DVS)
Health, Assistance, and Nursing (DVS)
Home Care Assistance (DVS)
Horticultural Production (DVS)
Industrial Drafting (DVS)
Installation of Electrical Transmission Lines (DVS)
Insulation (DVS)
Light-Duty Vehicle Mechanics (DVS)
Masonry: Bricklaying (DVS)
Mineral and Metal Processing Machine Operations (DVS)
Motorized Equipment Sales Representative (DVS)
Moulding (DVS)
Moulding Machine Set-up and Operation (DVS)
Pastry Making (DVS)
Pharmacy Technical Assistant (DVS)
Precision Sheet Metal Work (DVS)
Preparation and Finishing Concrete (DVS)
Production Equipment Operation (DVS)
Professional Sales (DVS)
Pulp and Paper – Operations (DVS)
Residential and Commercial Drafting (DVS)
Sawing (DVS)
Secretarial Studies (DVS)
Smelting (DVS)
Travel Consulting and Sales (DVS)
Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Service Technicians (DVS)
Welding and Fitting (DVS)




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