Saskatchewan issues new Invitations as on date 6th December 2018

The province of Saskatchewan in its latest draw as on date 6th December 2018 issued a total of 743 Invitations to its In-demand occupation and Express Entry candidates.

The number of 512 Invitations was issued to In-Demand occupation candidates and 211 Invitations were issued to the Express Entry candidates. The number of Invitations issued to the In-demand occupation candidates was more in number than the Express Entry candidates.

The Express Entry candidates who received a provincial nomination in this draw are entitled to the 600 extra points towards their CRS Score and have a higher or guaranteed chance to receive an ITA from Canada government in their next federal draw.

In order to be eligible for Saskatchewan PNP with other eligibility criteria, a candidate before applying has to be eligible in its 60 points grid system.

The minimum score recorded for both categories is 61.

The December 6 invitation rounds were the sixth for both sub-categories since Saskatchewan adopted its EOI system in July. A total of 4,080 invitations have been issued since then, with 1,763 going to Express Entry candidates and 2,317 issued to Occupation In-Demand candidates.


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