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CRS drops to 442 in Second Express Entry Draw in 11 Days

The new CRS cut-off recorded as on 25th June 2018 draw has come out to be 442 where 3,750 Invitations were issued. IRCC used its tie-break rule in this draw as well. The tie-break date and time for this invitation round were January 28, 2018, at 21:06:11 UTCC. This means that allRead More

British Columbia Provincial Draw as on June 13 2018

The British Columbia draw took place on 13 June 2018, and it issued 177 Invitations. These Invitations were issued to graduates, skilled workers, and entrepreneurs. The invitations issued were under skilled migrant, entrepreneurs and express entry stream. Candidates who are invited will get extra 600 points towards their CRS scoreRead More

Alberta introduces Express Entry stream and opportunity stream

Alberta as on 14th June 2018 opened two new streams for its provincial nominee program. First, the Express Entry aligned Alberta PNP and then Alberta Opportunity Stream. The Express Entry aligned AINP will invite candidates who meet all the eligibility of Express Entry and prove strong ties to Alberta andRead More

Saskatchewan Occupations in-Demand closes within hours of opening

On 7th June 2018 Saskatchewan opened its in-Demand occupation list for 400 applicants and closed within a matter of hours. Last year on August 02, 2017 in the same way Saskatchewan sub-category reached its limit intake of 1,200 applications. This subcategory works on first come first bases and this timeRead More

200% rise in invites to Indians for Canadian PR

Canada has emerged as a coveted destination for India’s diaspora. Indians appear gung-ho about Canada’s Express Entry programme which invites topranked candidates — under the country’s point-based immigration system — to take up permanent residency. Express Entry is Canada’s flagship programme for key economic migration. Under the scheme, out of theRead More

Canada’s Largest Express Entry Draw of 2018

On 13th June 2018 Canada conducted its ever biggest draw of year 2018 issuing 3,750 ITA’s at a CRS cut-off 451. This draw was an all-program invitation round. The tie-breaker rule was applied in this draw as well. The tie-break date and time for this latest invitation round was JulyRead More

Top 10 countries who received Express Entry Invitations to Apply in 2017

A report by Canada government showed that India and China are the top 2 countries leading in getting the Invitations to Apply from Canada. The table given below will show the comparisons of year 2016 and 2017. COUNTRY OF CITIZENSHIP EXPRESS ENTRY ITAS — 2016 COUNTRY OF CITIZENSHIP EXPRESS ENTRYRead More

Increase in Provincial Nominee, year 2017

A new data released about express entry shows an increase in the number of applicants along with their families who got admitted to Canada through a provincial nomination. The data shows how in comparison to year 2016 in year 2017 the admissions rise from 7,818 to 13,528 an increase ofRead More

Second Express Entry draw in a week invites candidates with scores as low as 288

Canada held program specific draw for both Federal Skill Trade Class and Provincial Nominee Program. As on date 30 May 500 Invitation to Apply got issued with a minimum CRS Score to be 288 and 200 Invitation to Apply for Provincial Nominee Program with a minimum CRS Score of 902. ExpressRead More

New Express Entry report shows Federal Skilled Worker invitations jumped by 400% in 2017

As per the year end report on Canada’s Invitation to Apply here is an account on how the candidate of Express Entry pool the federal skilled worker class and Canadian experience class are benefited with a shift in the way federal economics immigration system pool are awarded points and comparisonsRead More

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