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Top 15 jobs in Canada

In a survey conducted Randstad define the top 15 most wanted jobs in Canada in this year of 2018. The roles that are taking off in Canada in 2018 cover a diverse range of industries. From manual worker jobs like general laborer, assembler and forklift operator, which are essential toRead More

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90% people got their Canadian ITA (for PR) without a job offer

First half of 2017 resulted in 90% of applicants get their ITAs (Invitation to Apply) without a job offer for their permanent residence to Canada. IRCC had reduced the points for a job offer in late 2016. The CRS score was boosted with Human Capital Factors that includes age, EnglishRead More

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1 million immigrants to Canada by 2020

Nearly one million new immigrants will settle in Canada between 2018 and 2020, under what Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen has labeled “the most ambitious immigration levels in recent Canadian history.” Economic migrants will make up the majority of new permanent residents admitted to Canada, with most economic newcomers set toRead More

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