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25% increase in students studying abroad

Competitive exams and pressure resulting in more students looking to study overseas. Year 2015-16 saw 25%  increase in the number of students from India who joined universities in USA, totaling to 1,65,918 students. One out of every six international students in the USA is from India. Majority of these studentsRead More

Revoking of OPT extension by Trump to divert Indian STEM students elsewhere

Australia, Canada, New Zealand likely to benefit from revocation plans Newly-elected US president Donald Trump’s plans to reverse extension of Optional Practical Training (OPT) for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students could benefit immigrant-friendly nations like Australia, Canada and New Zealand, among others. OPT allows foreign STEM students toRead More

Trump travel curbs pose revenue challenges for U.S. colleges: Reuters

By Megan Davies and Robin Respaut | NEW YORK/SAN FRANCISCO NEW YORK/SAN FRANCISCO President Donald Trump’s travel restrictions on people from seven countries could dampen international enrollment at U.S. colleges, at a time they have become increasingly reliant on tuition revenue from overseas students.Colleges and universities have struggled in recentRead More

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